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Wildlife Photography Tips For Beginners

“The Earth is art, the photographer only a witness.”

You are just ten years old when you see all those wildlife channels on. Then you are eighteen and the world becomes your playground and you want to go crazy experimenting with whatever it has to offer. You don’t want to be a commoner; you flip through the pictures on your phone and your instinct calls out to you to become a photographer and BAZINGA!!! You have a motto in life: To become a wildlife photographer.

Wildlife Photography

Before you head further down into this article to know what lies within, let me inform you that Wildlife Photography is no joke. In fact, it is the toughest of all, but if you are still head bent over it, you need to go through the following tips to help you as a beginner.

Do you have it in you?

Do you have what it takes to be a wildlife photographer from within?

  1. Patience – Nature does not work according to you, so you need to be buckled up for the forthcoming situation. You might land up with amazing pictures in the first go or you might have to go to the zoo or forest day after day to capture the perfect shot. So you have to act like a hunter and move in slowly for the kill!
  2. Passion – Even if you have the patience but you don’t have the sight for the beauty that lies in your way, it’s time for you to re-consider. A photographer needs to be certain about what interests him: birds, lions or the wilderness. Once you know what drives you from within, trust me the rest is just going to come through practice!

Do you have the gear?

You need to start by investing in an SLR camera with interchangeable lenses to suit whatever situation may come your way. To be in a safe zone, it would be preferable to take pictures from a distance and hence a longer lens would work. If you are going to shoot into the sun, then a lens hood would come handy. If you are just going to a nearby zoo or park for the shoot, a shorter lens would also suffice.

Do you have the location?

Travelling is the key to a variety of pictures for your portfolio. This might get a little expensive but you got to hope that you will get your perfect shot 100 miles or so away from home. A thorough research about the place is a must before leaving home. This should include knowing about the weather, places to stay, transportation, safety and the variety of animals you could possible spot there. If you go in the right season, you could hit a jackpot but things can go otherwise also. So you got to give it a shot!

Check list please?

Before zipping that bag and setting your foot outside you comfort zone, tick that checklist in your head to avoid any last minute rush or consequences. You have done thorough research about your subject matter.

  • You are optimistic and have ample of patience in store.
  • You are passionate about your work.
  • Time is not a problem for you. You can wake up early or stay up till late for the perfect picture.
  • You have good equipment and you know how to use it properly.
  • You are technically proficient.
  • You don’t trouble or stress out the animal for a picture (Common now, you don’t want a bull running after you, do you?)
  • Safety is and should be your first priority.
  • And last but not the least; you are not afraid of failures.

To conclude, wildlife photography requires time, patience and a decent amount of money, not to forget a passport if you plan to take some rare and exotic pictures. You need to have an eye for the beautiful and interesting things that nature has in store for you and your passion should be the driving force in your life, cruising your mind amidst forests, zoo’s etc. So set yourself free from the worldly selfies and drown into the depths of nature with the camera as your eye!

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