Everything You Need to Know About Night Time Photography

Everything You Need to Know About Night Photography

How To Become A Wedding Photographer

How To Become A Wedding Photographer

Ideas on How to Make Money From Photography

Ideas on How to Make Money From Photography


Making Money With Stock Photography

Did you know that it’s possible to make a decent income by selling stock photography? If you’re interested in learning how to succeed as a professional stock photographer, simply continue reading.

1. Investigate the terms and conditions of a variety of stock photography websites

Each website will offer interested photographers a different deal, so it’s wise to shop around and to sign up for one that offers you a fair deal. Some websites such as Alamy, who offer photographers a fifty, fifty split, allow photographers to sell their photographs to other websites, whilst some websites such as iStock Photo demand exclusive rights to any images that are purchased.

2. Don’t be afraid to sell the same stock photograph to multiple agencies

It’s well worth submitting the same photographs to multiple agencies, in order to increase your chances of making a sale. If you do choose to sell the exclusive rights to a photograph, just ensure that your asking price is worthy of your talent and your time. As you won’t be able to make a further profit from your photograph.

3. Try to take images which are unique

It’s well worth studying the photographs which are for sale on these websites as you’ll be far more likely to sell photographs that are unique. As an example, if you think there’s a demand for photographs of unique buildings, you may want to spend some time taking suitable photographs. If you find yourself successful, you may have found your photography niche!

4. Consider downloading apps which allow you to sell your stock photographs from your smartphone

With apps becoming the norm, photographers are now able to sell photographs taken on their smartphones to potential clients, via apps such as Fotolia, Snapwire and Dreamstime Photography. Some apps will even allow you to upload files that you’ve taken on a professional SLR camera.

5. Consider giving away free images in the form of “loss leads”

One way to draw attention to your portfolio of stock photos is to donate some of your stock photographs to the free section. Whilst, you won’t make any immediate revenue from the photographs which you donate, the free section garners a lot of traffic and it’s highly likely that your work will be noticed by potential clients and businesses.

6. Learn how to use keyboards to effectively market your stock photographs

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes it’s not the best quality stock photographs which sell first. Sometimes the photographs which sell are the photographs which have a carefully written description, which feature the right keywords to attract attention. Just make sure to avoid keyword stuffing your descriptions.

The best way to learn how to become a successful stock photographer is to sign up to a variety of stock photography websites and to start submitting photographs, that you deem worthy. With a little time and practice, you’ll soon discover what types of stock photographs make money.

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