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Sony a7S vs Canon 6D

With players like Canon and Sony competing against each other to sell the best, the customer is definitely spoilt for choice and has a tough decision to make. While Canon 6D is a DSLR, the Sony A7s is a hybrid photo and video camera. Due to the advantage of weight, these mirrorless cameras are a great option to carry along as compared to the heavy DSLR. With the technologies of these models coming up close and personal, it would be interesting to see which of these allure the customer for use.

Sony A7s

A cute-looking 12-mega pixel mirrorless camera, with 35 mm sensor and an ISO performance of 409,600 ISO in low lights, the A7s has a superb dynamic range and 4K video recording. The sensors of the camera work excellently to adjust to the surroundings and monitor its dynamic range as per the dark and light effects of the environment. It has a noiseless Silent Shooting Mode, an added feature for capturing flora and fauna in its natural state. The camera has larger pixels and is ideal for shooting in low-light situations and high ISO range. Wi-fi and NFC connectivity is in-built.

Canon 6D

This is a trimmed DSLR, to match the compactness of hybrid cameras. It has a 20.2 megapixel and is a compact ‘Mark D iii’, with excellent HD video-shooting, built-in GPS, and Wi-fi. It has a weather-resistant body and is a durable piece with full- frame CMOS sensor. This camera has great settings and is feature-rich, and great for all kinds of creative shooting.

Now let us compare the features of 6D and the A7s:

  • The 6D has a start up time of 500ms which is ¼ of that of A7s, hence it starts quickly
  • The 6D has a GPS and geotags photographs when on the move
  • The 6D is a durable travel camera and has a self –cleansing facility to remove dusts and spots automatically
  • With a resolution of 20.9 mp, the 6D, captures 70% more detail
  • The 6D can take 980 shots in a battery life which is 3 times more than an A7s
  • The canon model has 165 lenses, as compared to 92 lenses in the A7s which makes the variations in photos of 6D more subtle and dynamic
  • Optical viewfinders provide better detailing and save battery, like the pentaprism quality in Canon vs. the digital one in Sony
  • Natural and candid moments can be captured with more precision on a 6D
  • The A7s is smaller, lighter and more compact
  • The noise management and light sensitivity in Sony are better
  • The Sony model has flip-out screens and more focus points
  • Slightly better dynamic range and image quality in A7s

Wrapping Up

There are various points to consider before choosing between the two cameras. The overall better performance goes to the Canon 6D and it is also cheaper. It has a greater battery life and more options of lenses to choose from. But the Sony A7s is a more compact piece and can be used in low-light sensitivity areas. The final decision greatly depends on the area of use and personal choice. Click some photos and see the results before finally picking either one of them.

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