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Sony a7S vs a7S ii

The choice gets tougher written by: Prathihari If shooting moments is your passion and you like to capture while on a go, the Sony A7s series is perfect for you. Designed for impeccable photo quality and crisp video shoots, these cameras can be maneuvered by a professional and a photography lover with equal ease.

The Sony A7s was a photographer’s delight and as they were getting comfortable with it, that the A7s ii was launched. These world’s smallest interchangeable lens cameras are compact devices bursting with features galore. The rapidly changing technology will see new upgrades launched every day, but even the old ones are there to stay, due to their proficient and skilled features.

Here are some of the new features incorporated into the A7s Mark II:

  • The camera can be charged by the USB port
  • An internal 5-axis image stabilization system
  • S-log 3 (along with the S-log2)
  • Internal Ultra High Definition 4K recording
  • The recording can be assigned to the other buttons rather than the ‘Rec’ button as in other models
  • It has a ‘Gamma display Assistant’ feature, which allows flat S-log2 and 3 images to be monitored better
  • Has a 100fps in normal mode, and a 120fps in full HD quality
  • An added custom key button and 2 new picture profiles

Let’s do a comparative study of the two models…


When it comes to comfort, the A7s Mark II is a better functioning model. It has an extended rubber grip, better wheel design, and the buttons can be more conveniently handled. In short, the superficial handicaps of the previous model were taken care of. Going ahead with its convenience strategy, the new model carries a locking mode dial, the only unnecessary feature aboard. The addition of ridges into the body provides better grip while handling and even the new scroll wheels and shutter button can be managed better.

Low light resolution

Here again, the Mark II takes the lead. When using the Slog 2 on A7s and the Slog 3 on A7sii, the footage by the A7sii is much brighter and cleaner.

Rolling shutter

This was always a low-point for the Sony A7s and the new improved version is a welcome change. The rolling shutter effect less significant in the A7s ii as compared to the A7s and this difference is more apparent in the full HD mode.

Dynamic range

The sensors in both the models are similar in Slog-2, but the additional Slog-3Cine (PP8) settings in A7s ii give a better dynamic range.

Resolution and Quality

Though the A7sii has an internal 4K that is an advantage, the images in both the models appear similar in 4K, the resolution and quality can be formatted using the wide number of options in the new model. The Full frame HD and the 1.6 crop HD are the same, but the full crop 2.2 /slow motion is the latest option which gives efficient picture quality, but with better processing.


The Sony A7 s ii has better noise performance which has been worked upon and improved since the Sony A7s.


The HD crop mode of an A7s ii does not function very efficiently when Slog-3 is on. Also, there is some shadow noise in the Slow motion mode of this version. With the brightness, picture quality and range of the 2 models being almost the same, the little differences in the rolling shutter, noise quality, low light resolution, make a big difference in the final output when a professional impact is involved. The A7sii is higher priced due to its enhanced features but the A7s is also a great camera if the price factor has to be taken heed of. And then as I always say, live testing a product to see and compare results, is the best way to do it.

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