Everything You Need to Know About Night Time Photography

Everything You Need to Know About Night Photography

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How To Become A Wedding Photographer

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Ideas on How to Make Money From Photography


Night Time Photography Ideas

Night photography can be such a tricky thing to really master. It takes peoples years before they can really get good shots and perfect the way they take photographs at night. However, I am sure like most people you do not want to take years to learn night photography which is why you are reading this. In this article, we are going to cover some important things to remember and some really cool ideas.

Important: You can use any camera you want to use in order to take night shots. However, using a good quality professional camera will produce a much better shot than say an iPhone camera.

Lens Selection

First, the lens will make or break your shot so make sure you are using a really good lens for night photography. The best lenses are usually fixed lenses. Something like a 50mm will do the trick. This lens allows lots of light in while keeping your shots crisp and clear.

How to Use Your Lens Properly

The best thing to do would be to use a tripod and a hands free button that will take and hold the picture for you. You will need the tripod because you will need to have a long exposure time on the photo to allow a lot of light in. This is why you will also want something that is hands free. Because any movement will mess up the shot.

Five Really Cool Night Time Ideas


  • Stars: I know what your thinking. Everyone does star pictures. Well, this is something to learn and master. If you can do this you can do a lot other night shots as well.
  • Cityscape: This is a shot that you can play with at different parts of the evening. Try taking some shots when the sun is setting and then some more when it is in the middle of the night. Some natural light from the moon can create some really neat effects on the building so play around with this one.
  • Fairs: With fairs you will be able to capture a lot of things going on with the lights. Wait until the sun starts to set but still has some sun in the background to get a really cool effect.
  • Light trails: Light trails are really neat if you live in an area where you can get a good picture of a busy street or a highway. Bridges over major highways are great for this type of shot.
  • City Buildings: City building will require you getting right into the heart of the city. The shots I am talking about are ones where you will aim your camera straight up the sides of the building. This one can lead to some really fun shots, play with the exposure times and lighting.

There are thousands of night shots you can take. Just play with your camera settings, make sure you use a tripod, and if you can, use a good quality camera for the best results. Above all just have fun with it and think outside the box a little bit.

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