Everything You Need to Know About Night Time Photography

Everything You Need to Know About Night Photography

How To Become A Wedding Photographer

How To Become A Wedding Photographer

Ideas on How to Make Money From Photography

Ideas on How to Make Money From Photography


How to Make Money with Photography While Traveling

Travel Photography

Doing what you enjoy and making money at the same time is always anyone’s dream. Traveling and photography are two main things that you can use to make money. In fact, everyone who has a passion for both travel and photography understands that combining the skills is a good opportunity just waiting to be harvested. But how can you get a bit of cash flow coming in? Well, this does not require much since you only need the right qualifications, skills, and equipment. Here is what you can do.

What it Takes to be a Travel Photographer

Before you even think of boarding a vehicle or an airplane to go and take photographs, you need to consider whether this kind of career is right for you and be resilient. Traveling constantly to take photographers can be hard hence if you are not prepared and resilient you might pull out even before you even start. Just think about travel delays, crowds, traffic, awkward language barriers, and long haul flights among other things. You also need to be flexible and tolerant to be able to get as many good shots as possible.

What to Pack

  • Photographer’s bag-when you are a travel photographer, it’s important to protect your gear with something good and durable.
  • Cleaning equipment- if you want to keep your lens clean, you should carry a lens cloth. This will keep your sensors and mirrors spotless.
  • An external hard drive- for your photographic trips, you need a new hard drive. Depending on the duration that you will take, you may but a 200-300 Gig hard drive to help you store your photos well.
  • An LED light- if you do not want to carry multiple flashes, you can use a light emitting device for dark places. This will help you light up your scene when the light is not enough for shooting.
  • A journalist pad- when traveling a lot, it can be hard to remember things, hence you should have a portable notepad to help you keep track of events, people, and other activities.
  • A travel tripod- nowadays, if you want to capture a good scene, it’s important to have a travel tripod.

How to Make Money

If you want to make some money as a travel photographer, you should really be good at what you are doing. Keep on improving and diversify so that you can have many sources of income. Also, it’s very important to learn how to write well. Writing and travel photography normally go hand in hand. Even though you do not have to write, if you can, you are much better placed.

As a travel photographer, researching is also very important. Remember, it’s not a good idea to depend on stock alone.it’s, therefore, advisable to supplement your income by doing research. You need to know what the libraries want and what is currently selling. You should also have a list of all the clients that might need of your photos. These may include web publications, book publishers, tourism boards, magazines and resorts among others, above all keep shooting even if you do not want.

With the right tools, skills and determination, you will definitely succeed.

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