Everything You Need to Know About Night Time Photography

Everything You Need to Know About Night Photography

How To Become A Wedding Photographer

How To Become A Wedding Photographer

Ideas on How to Make Money From Photography

Ideas on How to Make Money From Photography


How to Make Money With Landscape Photography

If you’re a budding photography with a passion for landscape photography, you may be wondering whether you have what it takes to turn your hobby into a part time business. If you’re tempted by the idea of selling your landscape photographs, simply continue reading to discover how to make money with your hobby.

How to turn your passion into a lucrative side business:

1. Visit your local art galleries to see if you can strike a deal or two

It’s well worth getting a large print of one of your favourite landscapes and showcasing it to a variety of art gallery owners, to see whether any of the art galleries are interested in selling your work, for a small commission. By showcasing your work at an art gallery, your work will be seen by hundreds of potential customers.

2. If art galleries aren’t interested in your work, try selling your work at a local café

These days it’s becoming more commonplace for cafes to showcase and sell local artwork, include landscape photographs, which customers may want to hang on their walls. Again you’ll pay a small commission to a café, if they sell your work. Some cafes will even let you book out their premises in order to host your very own photography exhibition.

3. Consider using your favourite images to create postcards

One creative way to earn a profit from your landscape photographs is to create postcards using your favorite landscape photographs. Just be sure to select images that you think visitors to your town or city, would be interested in purchasing as a postcard. Once you’ve printed your postcards, you can approach local businesses such as hotels and tourist shops, in order to sell your postcards.

4. Consider publishing your very own landscape photography book

Once you’ve established yourself as a talented photographer, you may want to publish a coffee table style photography book. This idea should be of particular interest to you, if you have a dedicated social media following, where you can market your photography book.

5. Consider running classes and tours

If you’re confident about your ability to take landscape photographs, you may want to consider running landscape specific photography classes. You may even want to market classes for tourists, who may be interested in capturing the beauty of your town, city or region, whilst on vacation. If you’re tempted you could market your classes by leaving flyers at local stores and hotels.

6. Ensure that you have a professional website set up

One of the most affordable ways to market your business is to set up a professional website, where potential customers can browse your previous work and contact you for more information. It is also well worth setting up a social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, where you can share your photographs with a large audience of thousands of individuals.

So if you have a passion for landscape photography and would love to earn a little extra cash, it’s well worth turning your hobby into a side business. You just never know, in a years time you may be able to quit your job and work as a full time, landscape photographer..

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