Everything You Need to Know About Night Time Photography

Everything You Need to Know About Night Photography

How To Become A Wedding Photographer

How To Become A Wedding Photographer

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Ideas on How to Make Money From Photography


Best Photography Tips for Beginners

Not only is photography an exciting hobby, it is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative of professions you can get into. As a beginner, photography can seem a bit daunting. However, this should not discourage you. Instead, use the following tips and tricks to master the art of photography and become a professional. Remember, although it will take time, you will soon rank among the best photographers in your chosen niche/industry:

1. Perspective

PerspectiveMost people see the world from a couple of feet off the ground. If you take such photos, you will only be able to produce boring and non-artistic work. To ensure this does not happen, consider using different lenses to achieve different perspectives.

Experiment with your tools of trade. Get higher, lower, and directly above or below your subject. Zoom out and zoom in on them and show how they in the world around. By so doing, you will quickly be able to achieve professional photography levels.

2. Composition

Essentially, composition is comprised of 3 main things – what is in the frame, what isn’t, and how you place the objects you are focusing on. As a beginner, you will often be tempted to center your subject. Although this is okay, it is not impactful in any way.

Therefore, instead of centering your subject, think about having them slightly off-center. This is infinitely more appealing to the eye.

Additionally, consider the Rule of Thirds in photography, where you get to demarcate the frame into 3 parts – vertically and horizontally. Then, place the subject on any of the 4 points where the lines cross. By so doing, you will achieve a proportionately balanced composition.

3. Light

Where possible, try to find situations in which the light is a bit dramatic. One of the best times to achieve this effect is during the golden hour – the time around dawn and right before sunset.

The golden hour creates wonderful shadows that you can capitalize on in your photography. The contrast arising from the interplay between dark and natural areas will also improve how your photos look.

4. Exposure

As a budding photography, you should pay attention to brightness and how it affects the outcome of your photography. Cameras need the same adjustment your eyes are used to whenever you walk into a dark room.

To this end, you should learn how to control the range of light so that you change the character of your photos. The best way to do this is by using the exposure compensation button on your camera.

5. Focus

If you wish to capture a particular subject in a photo, you should ensure that it is in focus. This way, the details will be crisp and your photo will come out looking professional.

If your camera comes with a shutter button, hold this button halfway down. Then, press the button all the way through and you will get a photo that is completely in focus. Do this on repeat until your photos are focused on the subject you wish to capture.

So, there you have it – the top 5 tips for beginner photographers. To drift from the novice stage to the professional one, experiment with each of the above tips. Put them into practice and capture tons of shots until you know how to work your camera like a pro. Eventually, you will start seeing a drastic improvement in your work.

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