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Sony A7S vs Panasonic GH4

In the wake of advanced photography technology, the race between Sony A7S and Panasonic GH4 to become a favorite of professional photographers is a tight one. Both models come with amazing features such as high resolution, excellent lighting, and dynamic range, among others. Here is a comprehensive comparison that delves into the most important details, and a fair verdict.


The A7S wins hands down when it comes to lighting, a feature that is one of the greatest strengths of a camera. The camera comes equipped with a 35mm, 12-megapixel sensor that makes it incredibly easy to shoot in very low light. So good is the camera’s performance in low light settings that it gives an ISO performance measurement of ISO 409,600.

The same cannot be said for GH4, but it fairs quite well when compared to other makes and models in its league. Tests conducted by David Dugdale, a leading figure in this niche from Learning DSLR Video, show that Panasonic GH4 produces decent image quality when shooting in low light.

User-Interface and Software

Sony cameras have often been criticized for lagging behind other makes when it comes to software development. The same is the case here as the GH4 outshines A7S thanks to the former’s polished software and user-interface. It is just one model in a series of successful Panasonic G-series cameras; over time, software and user-interface features have been customized and polished to improve user experience.


Perhaps the most striking difference between Sony A7S and GH4 is price. The gap between the prices of these two makes and models is about $800 in most online platforms such as Amazon. Considering that the performance difference between both cameras is not profound, a cost-conscious buyer would easily pick a GH4 as it is affordable for a camera of its standard.

Image Quality

Both A7S and GH4 go to great lengths to produce top quality images, but neither emerges as the winner in two respects: shooting still pictures and videos. On one hand, the A7S comes equipped with a 12.2 megapixel resolution that captures clear images when shooting still images, but it is not as efficient when shooting videos. On the other hand, the GH4 features a 16.05 megapixel resolution, but it is preferred especially for its prowess in shooting 4K videos.

Speed and Focusing

Panasonic GH4 features a new sensor which clocks in a speed of 100 milliseconds and readout of less than 50 milliseconds. This means that it is very good at handling rolling shutter when shooting 4K video and still images. Sony A7S, on the other hand, offers 5 frames per second when in priority mode and 2.5fps adjustment between frames when in autofocus, and this enables it to shoot at faster speeds and better resolution than the former.


Both mentioned cameras go to great lengths to offer the ideal user experience. Each make and model comes with various strengths and weaknesses, but photographers have specific factors that they love about them. As such, one should make a verdict depending on one’s needs and preferences such as:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Does your work demand you shoot many videos?
  • Do you do most of your shooting in the open or in low-lighted places?

Depending on your preferences, one of these cameras is guaranteed to impress as they both have created a stir by introducing better technology than most of the other brands in the market.

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